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Do we have any “Preppers” in Baltimore?

Here in Baltimore, our biggest issues in the last few years has been hurricanes (winds bringing down old trees, flooding and lots of snow, which also causes flooding). No electricity is the end product of each of these emergencies.

All of these scenarios “assume” you will be in your home. That is the easiest way to get people to really consider what they will need should an emergency strike.

So let’s start with the basics.


The FEMA Preparation Checklist is a good, basic place to start. This will give you most of what you will need for about a week depending on your food and water supplies. For more detailed information, please refer to FEMA Readiness PDF. This 204 page journal is broken down into individual sections and can be download for what will fit your family’s needs.

These are the basics, but there also must be a basic mindset in place. You don’t want to be afraid, there is nothing to fear. You are not preparing because there may be “no one” to rescue you. You just want your family (extended and otherwise), to have the supplies they need, just in case.

So, being prepared is preparing for the worst while keeping your sanity, and optimistic mindset, values and spirit.

The mindset of which I speak requires that you acknowledge not only that you are responsible for yourself, but you are also responsible for your words and actions.

The first step in responsibility is being aware of the issue, or in this cause the potential issue. But being prepared is also useful for short term cash flow issues such as loss of income. When you know you have enough food – you can budget what $$$ you do have toward other items, like mortgage, rent or BGE.

Be willing to sacrifice a little now if you feel cash is too tight for you to start a plan for your family’s preparedness. Purchase a few extra cans of ready to eat food. Add to your current water supply.

Baltimore County will be selling compost bins and WATER BARRELS on Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 9am-3pm. They usually sell out! Please check out the Baltimore County website for additional details.


Start thinking of ways you can begin your journey to preparedness. Get a heavy duty tote, check the FEMA checklist and start adding items. A few items per week or month is fine as long as you are willing to START!

Baltimore Prepper will cover the “why’s” of being prepared. The importance of getting and being prepared, not from a standpoint of “fear,” but to ensure you and your family have what you need at all times. Michelle D. Smith is a writer, reader and emergency supply advocate. She owns several online websites and a blog called Your Spiritual Garden. She is also a “Specialist” for Free Food 2 Go, a company that specializes in Emergency Preparedness Items and Food.
Her Free Food 2 Go website is:


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  1. MT

    I am a Baltimore prepper here. I am an appalachian american living in the rugged lands of south Baltimore.

    I had an interesting conversation with a Baltimore City Police officer that assured me that if there was a major event in the Baltimore Area that they plan and train to have the city cleared in hours.This was during a Disaster Recovery drill I recently conducted. I laughed.

    This is what they tell you to keep you calm. I told him I lived in this city for more than 30 years and if the SHTF this city would literally tear itself apart . We agreed to disagree. Just a warning be careful who you listen to as your well being is not their primary concern.

    1. audi0artist

      where is south baltimore? im in curtis bay

  2. melissa


    My family and I have been prepping for a while now, and we want to connect with like-minded folks near us that we can build strength with if shtf. I am in the Pikesville area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Dena

      My family also lives in the Pikesville area. I have a strong military medical background, lived half my childhood farming and taught primitive survival skills while stationed at Ft Hood. Although I feel very comfortable in Southwestern primal living skills, I have very limited experience w/mid-Atlantic region primal food and medical resources. I’d love to meet with other women who are interested in sharing skills and interests. I have strong defensive/tactical skills and would be happy to share my training with other women who are interested in learning or increasing our knowledge. I spend time each month at a great local range and would love to find other women who share my interest or would like to learn.

  3. Kathy

    Hello, I have started to prep for whatever disaster happens. I am looking to find friends and information concerning the best way to prep.

  4. Pat

    Found this site on facebook it would be a great why for all of us to keep in touch and plan meet up.


  5. Bob A

    Prepping in Rosedale here.

    Plan on riding out the initial disaster barricaded in my home. It will take a couple of months for the masses to starve or kill one another off.

    Be sure you are armed or you “WILL” be a victim. Additionally, don’t arm yourself unless you have the stones to actually kill another human being, which depending on the disaster you “WILL” probably need to do.

    If it a CME storm and the electric grid goes down, it’ll be months to 2 years before the government can get it back up.

    I know that many many people will die.

    The government can’t help during a hurricane disaster. Can you imagine what would have if the electric grid went down for a year or more? I get chills just thinking about it.

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