Jun 13


by RedHorse_Ronin

What is your motivation for prepping? Are you prepping for natural disasters primarily? Economic collapse? UFO invasions? Zombies? All the above? We called ourselve preppers yet how many of us are prepping out of fear and not pruence or optimism? This irrational fear of the government that is rampant amongst the community is not conducive to anything but making you a better and more compliant sheep. Your fears give the government more powerful than it can ever tangibly wield. Even IF if things got to the point where the government could do all that maky fear it can do, what could you do to affect it? Might as well give up if you have that kind of mindset, IMO. Just melt back into the flock and graze at the public’s expense with bovine indifference.

OR, you can take stock of your motivations and allow reality to intrude. Prep for the likely. The incidents of martial law are VERY remote compared to, say hurricanes and earthquakes, or even recessions and lay-offs. I am not saying to trust the government. I surely don’t. HOWEVER, the government is so inept that their alleged grand designs cannot work without a compliant flock. Be the black sheep, or better yet, be the sheep dog and then YOU can help to protect the flock from themselves in times of emergency. That IS what community and APN is supposed to be about.

The same government that you say was not good at assisting during Katrina, or that will not control the borders, or balance the budget is the SAME government that many say is omniscient and omnipotent. I don’t know about YOUR belief system but NO human construct can ever be either….


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  1. Joe Price

    One preps to gain an advantage, one preps to be more adaptable, one resists to be counted One hids to be not discovered. What can I say, if you are the man who wasn’t there you woun’t be looked for.

  2. DisasterMan

    Amen! My day job is as a consultant in… let’s just say, relevant stuff, and I can tell you the government struggles to keep basic functions working and its own information organized and protected, much less know and micromanage everything about us. Our greatest danger is from arbitrary bureaucractic problems, such as the IRS wrongly claiming you owe them (got that one myself), or bungling a disaster like Katrina.

    America’s had more severe economic problems (Great Depression); riots and civil unrest (late 60’s, anyone?); corruption at high levels (Watergate, Teapot Dome scandal); and military threats (WWII, Cold War) than we have now, and we’ve still stayed basically free and stable.

    It’s all about risk management. Risk = Likelihood x Impact. Small things (long-lasting blackouts, nearby chemical spills) = high likelihood, short-term localized impact. Katrina-level disasters = low probability, severe regional impact. Legal defense from gov’t action = varies, but a FAR more likely need than defense against martial law or the collapse of civilization.

    Zombie defense, though, is always the first priority. :-)

  3. Joe

    I am prepping for a major shift in our economy. The sovereign debt crisis will hit full bore in 2020, having been kicked down the road multiple times while politicians move their own holdings to a safe haven. The US will default on some of its obligations to get out of debt. Bond holders will take a “hair cut.” They were forced to for the auto company bailout, contrary to bankruptcy law, and were defaulted on during the Great Depression. Other nations are not fixing their problems either. Stocks will rise as smart money bails out of government obligations. Banks have been buying more gold recently. We may go to a new currency based on a basket of commodities. I expect there to be civil unrest, perhaps martial law, as the money changes, people have less buying power, and various factions within the US angle for economic power. We already see this with unions pushing to win negotiations even though the employees lose their jobs (twinkies) and there are 20+ million looking for a full-time job. There is a potential for food rationing and people will turn to bartering.

  4. preppergirl51

    I am prepparing for anything that may happen. My mother is 85 and still with me doing well. I also have a disabled sister. I want to be able to take care of them to the best of my ability. I have a bugout place with my brother and plenty of ammo. I really believe that something is in the air…although I am not sure how it will happen. I have watched the prepper shows and they have some very valid ideas. I am starting to put food and water back and want to get started canning.

    It is nice to meet with others and learn what works and how to add to my supplies. I also like knowing that there are others that feel the same way as I do.

  5. crypter27

    I prep not out of fear but rather to be ready for what ever may come,the goverment took my fear of them away along time ago.

  6. HEM

    I too prep not out of fear, but just to be ready for whatever comes. And we know something is coming. I think several things are coming in a row, but have no idea of the timing. Am new to prepping.

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